Professional Services

Expeditions & creative projects are rarely solo endeavours. So I’m always keen to contribute my skills to projects that align with my passions for exploration, adventure and storytelling. If there’s something you could use my skills and experience to help with, please get in touch using the form below.

Expedition Filmmaking

As an experienced self-shooting director, with remote location camera experience around the world, and a specific interest in ambitious character-led stories in wild places, I’m always keen to hear about new expedition filmmaking opportunities at the concept stage.

Fixing Services in Armenia

As a long-term resident of Armenia with Armenian language skills, a thorough background knowledge of the country and culture, and a large network of connections across the country, I’m well-placed to assist with expedition, film and TV projects in a fixing role.

Guiding & Expedition Leading in Armenia

Armenia is my area of specialist knowledge, encompassing all aspects of travel and expedition logistics in the country, from the most popular tourist destinations to the most remote and unexplored backcountry regions. I’ll work with a close network of local guides to support your goals in Armenia.

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