Professional Services

You’re talking to (probably) the number-one expert in the English-speaking world on travel and adventure in Armenia.

Some evidence for this possibly obnoxious-sounding claim:

  • Since founding the Transcaucasian Trail in Armenia in 2015, I’ve hiked over 4,000km in the country in search of the perfect route. (I’m still at it.)
  • My co-authorship of the acclaimed Bradt Travel Guide to Armenia in 2018 greatly expanded my knowledge of Armenian culture and heritage.
  • Plus, I now know where all the other tourists will be, so we can cleverly avoid them.
  • Designing Armenia’s first national hiking trail wasn’t enough, so I also pioneered an 800km bikepacking route across the country (and led a group along it in 2019).
  • Did I mention that I live here permanently and really do have my finger on the travel pulse?

I mention all of this not to brag, but to convince you that when you enlist me to help your plan your journey or adventure in Armenia, you really will be in good hands. I am not just another tour guide.

You’ll benefit not only from my absurd depth of local knowledge (Armenians have started calling me to ask for travel advice), but also from the network of contacts I’ve built up during five years of exploring and writing about every last corner of the country.

With fluency in the local language and the ability to arrange basically any itinerary or activity you might dream up, hiring me will uniquely position you to see and experience Armenia simultaneously from local and international perspectives.

And yes, I’d be more than happy to book you in for a free 15-minute initial travel consultation. The enquiry form is below. No expectations. Speak soon!

Schedule a free 15-minute initial travel consultation


You’re almost definitely wondering how much I’ll bill you for after this free initial call, so here it is in black and white:

  • Consulting time is £50 GBP per 30 minutes (which is also the minimum duration). This includes follow-up clarifications and additional information by email on everything we discuss.
  • In-country guiding is £200 GBP per day, plus expenses. Yes, this is above average, but if you’re reading this far, you probably aren’t looking for an average guide.

In both cases I’ll ask for upfront payment by Paypal or UK bank transfer, and bill for expenses after the fact.

Questions? Fill in the form above and we’ll chat them through!