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  1. walkernotcyclist
    February 10, 2016 @ 5:24 pm

    Hi Tom, Just wanted to say that I think this is absolutely brilliant – congratulations on the idea and on making it happen. I think your motivation for doing it is fantastic – and you have explained it well here. I agree that travel, especially the kind of travel you advocate, can really help us to challenge ways of thinking about ourselves and our society that are imparted to us and that we often simply accept from an early age, and help to bring about a change in ourselves that – if with enough motivation and support – we can also turn into a force for good in the wider world. I think that offering mentorship, rather than just money, is really key – as often these journeys only really start after the journey itself it over, and because the thoughts that a radical shift in perspective can bring about can often be quite a lot to handle alone. Jennine


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