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5 Fun & Easy Ways To Spread The Word About #KarunFilm (In Ascending Order Of Effectiveness)

If there’s one time an indie adventure filmmaker needs to reach out and ask for help from his or her supporters, it’s when a film is released – which in the case of Karun: Misadventures on Iran’s Longest River is right now.

Films like this live or die by word of mouth. Leon and I have been fortunate to have received lots of this over the last two weeks from people who’ve seen the film, either by downloading it or at one of the many screenings we’ve had around the UK.

But we need to sustain this momentum on the interwebs throughout the festive season. That’s where you can help!

If you’re willing to put aside a couple of minutes to take a simple action or two, we’ll appreciate it enormously. Just choose from whichever of the following actions are most relevant to you, do it now, and feel good for the rest of the day that you’ve helped two independent filmmakers make a dent in the universe:

For busy people with no time whatsoever:

  1. Click these two pre-made Twitter and Facebook sharing links.

Thank you! You have now officially helped with the release and may continue with your busy day.

For people with 2-3 minutes to spare right now:

  1. Got loads of Facebook friends? Write a quick status update about why they should check out the film. Click here to start.
  2. Got loads of Twitter followers? Write a Tweet encouraging them to check out the film. Click here to start.
  3. Prefer LinkedIn? Pinterest? Google+? All of the above? Click!

Thank you! That was, I’m sure you’ll agree, 2-3 minutes well spent.

For people with 10-15 minutes to spare today:

  • Think of 2-3 friends or family members most likely to be interested in an adventure film about travelling in Iran, and send them a quick private message or email with a link to http://karunfilm.com/.
  • Think of 2-3 travel or adventure websites, newspapers or magazines who might be interested in running a story on the project, then email them a quick note with the URL of the press kit: http://karunfilm.com/press-media/.
  • Think of 2-3 venues in your local area who might be interested in a one-off screening of Karun with an audience Q&A by the filmmakers, and send them a link to the host a screening offer: http://karunfilm.com/host-a-screening/.

Thank you! You’ve made a real effort to get involved, and earned our unending gratitude in the process.

For the writers, bloggers and social-media-ites who publish stuff for a living:

  • Write a review of Karun!
    This is by far the best way to let people know why they should watch it. Get in touch if you’d like a review copy for viewing, and use whatever you like from our press kit.
  • Publish a Q&A with us!
    Get in touch with your questions, we’ll answer them ASAP, and you can publish the resulting piece while the film is still hot. Again, we’ll provide review copies on request for this.

Thank you! Your reviews and articles will help potential viewers make an informed decision based on external recommendations – a massive boost in credibility for the project.

For people who think hosting a film night sounds like a really cool idea:

  • Did you know that there’s a screening pack available for no charge whatsoever for anyone willing to host a screening of Karun in their local area? It’s fun, free and easy. Click here to get involved.

Even if it’s just a quick Tweet or Facebook share, know that your contribution to spreading the word about this film will make a difference. We’ve slaved over Karun for nearly two years, and seeing and hearing the reactions from happy viewers is what makes it all worthwhile.


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