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My professional career has been far from conventional. I’ve never had a full-time salary. My last job interview was in 2006. I don’t even have a CV to show you. You get the picture.

Yet I work longer hours than everyone I know. My work as a writer and filmmaker and my life as an adventurous traveller are inextricably intertwined. Some of what I do helps generate an income, some of it doesn’t; but I do all of it first and foremost because I care deeply about the potential for positive change in the world that travel and adventure can engender.

To this end, I’ve found the best results lie in creating stories and resources that inspire and empower others to make personal, meaningful journeys of their own. Before things get too high-brow and abstract, however, perhaps it might be worth browsing the projects I’ve founded or participated in to get a feel for what I do…

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