Regretfully I receive far too many emails to be able to respond properly or in a timely fashion to all of them. I’d therefore ask that you scan through the following frequently-asked questions and answers to see if your query has already been addressed before contacting me directly. Thanks for your understanding!

1. I want to contribute to the Transcaucasian Trail! Can we chat?

It’s truly amazing to see how much interest there is in getting involved with this growing movement. However, my role is very specific and revolves around the scouting, mapping and exploration of potential routes, which is just one small component of the project. I cannot give any more information or advice on volunteering opportunities, fundraising treks, or trip planning guidance than is already published on the Transcaucasian Trail website or Facebook Page, so I would kindly request that you direct any questions about these elements of the TCT through those channels rather than to me directly.

2. Will you speak at an event I’m organising?

While I generally spend too much time out on expeditions to engage in a lot of public speaking, I do occasionally accept invitations from events that align well with the projects I’m working on and messages I want to spread through them. Usually my best availability is in the northern hemisphere’s winter months. I don’t do talks for cash alone. Having said all that, if you still think there’s potential good match, feel free to get in touch below.

3. I have an exciting film/expedition project that I’d like to discuss with you.

Without wanting to disappoint you, in the foreseeable future it is highly unlikely that I will be able to participate in an expedition or filmmaking project led by someone who doesn’t already have my personal email address or telephone number. Simply put, I’m not for hire – I’ve been doing this for long enough to know that the most rewarding projects evolve organically and in the real world via human relationships, rather than via cold pitches made online. Sorry!

Question not answered above? Get in touch here: