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#FlightFree2020: About The Time I Travelled The World Flight-Free For 4 Years (And Nobody Cared)

My Flight Free 2020 pledge hasn’t come out of nowhere. Call it a rekindling of a long-forgotten conviction that the example I set might actually matter. Because we are all participants, now, in this huge and never-ending conversation we call global society. Our impact is measured in terms of the number of people paying attention […]

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9 Reasons To Make Yerevan Your Next Digital Nomading Basecamp

Given the title of this article, you might be expecting to read a list post designed as clickbait for bored tech startup founders in co-working spaces in Chiang Mai, probably written by an underpaid copywriter who’s never been to Yerevan and has dashed off this piece after an hour or two of Googling. Not quite. […]

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A Complete Breakdown Of How My Location-Independent Lifestyle Works (After 11 Years On The Road)

I first published this piece in 2016, but it’ll work best as a ‘rolling’ article which I’ll update as, well, life goes on. The latest updates were made in March 2018. My location-independent journey began before I knew the lifestyle had a name. It was 2007, I was 23, and I’d set off on a bicycle to explore the world. I […]