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5 Ancient Monasteries In Armenia’s Dilijan National Park (& How To Hike To Them)

The experience of exploring Armenia on foot is characterised by three things: an abundance of breath-taking landscapes, being invited in by locals to drink homemade oghi (vodka), and stumbling upon at least one ancient church or monastery per day. Dilijan National Park – part of the forested northeastern province of Tavush – is no exception to […]

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How To Start A Travel Blog (And 8 Good Reasons To Make The Effort)

Because this article will later become quite detailed, here’s the super-quick version of how easy it is to start a brand new travel blog: Visit Enter your new site address, click Create Website, and follow the simple on-screen instructions. You’re in! Create a new Page, title it ‘About Me’, write a short introduction to yourself, upload […]

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Why, After 9 Years Running, I Started This New Blog Today

On my first night back in Yerevan after several years living in England, I noticed a book on the bedside table – a book I hadn’t seen for a very long time. It was a copy of my first travel memoir, Janapar. This one belonged to my wife, Tenny. It had a bookmark in it. English is her third […]