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Just released: Watch my latest adventure film, KARUN, for free!

At the end of last year, Leon and I sat down with our editor and spent the best part of a month producing a short film of our adventure in Iran, during which we followed the river Karun from source to sea (or tried to, at least!).

Today I’m happy to be able to share the full 15-minute film with you – for free.

We’ve had a fantastic response from film festivals so far, even managing to win the People’s Choice award at Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival – the best kind of award we could have won, in my opinion, because it represents how we connected to our audience, as opposed to the critics and judges.

Watch Karun right now over here →

This is all part of our gearing up to make the full, feature-length version of the story – because, as you might imagine, when you compress 6 weeks into 15 minutes, there’s a lot that gets left out.

But it’s going to take more time, people and resources than just us and a laptop. So in a few days’ time we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign to make not one but two new adventure films based on our journeys last year in Iran and Patagonia.

This is going to be a huge project – and you’ll be able to contribute directly towards making it a success! With that in mind, we’re asking you to take one of two simple actions in return for watching Karun:

  1. Enter your email address at karunfilm.com so we can let you know when the crowdfunding campaign is launched (and explain how you can help), OR
  2. ‘Pay’ with a Tweet or Facebook status about the release of this short film – a simple, automated process we’ve set up on karunfilm.com which will take a few seconds at most.

Watch Karun right now over here →

Enjoy – and do let us know what you think in the comments below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the journey or the filmmaking process, so don’t be shy…


4 responses to “Just released: Watch my latest adventure film, KARUN, for free!”

  1. I love your films mate. Well done! It’s not easy to expose your inner self to the camera. You do so with ease, that gives your films a real human face! I made a series of short films during a bicycle trip from Germany to Japan, and am trying to learn from what I have done for my next series, which will take shape during a journey starting in december from Argentina to Columbia… I’m not leaving a comment to try to get you to watch my films. I just want to tell you that you help me realize how to improve mine, and that you make the best bicycle touring films out there. C U on the road somewhere or maybe at your bike festival one of these years! Respect! Jimmy

  2. Jana Henderson avatar
    Jana Henderson

    Wonderful short, Tom and Leon. I found it really riveting. Especially poignant the images of Leon’s upturned kayak as it was eerily reminiscent of Hendrik Coetzee’s empty kayak.
    Thanks for putting the film out. Interestingly, however, the lack of female presence was noticeable. This is no reflection on the filmmakers, but I do wonder if the same generous & open welcome is given to women travelers.

    1. Jana Henderson avatar
      Jana Henderson

      …now that I think about it, Tom, your piece to camera explaining Leon’s capsizing was also strikingly similar to Levison Wood’s telling of Matthew Power’s death from heatstroke.

      1. Jana Henderson avatar
        Jana Henderson

        here’s a link for the Congo Kayak trip

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