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New Interview Now Live On The Self-Propelled Podcast

I very much enjoyed chatting with Dave Cornthwaite a couple of weeks ago while recording a new episode for his Self Propelled Podcast.

We travelled a meandering path of conversation on the theme of living life on one’s own terms, from my early bicycle-mounted adventures, to finding creative expression through books and films, to sharing lessons in life and travel with others looking to expand their horizons, and finally the Transcaucasian Trail project that has consumed my existence for the last half-decade.

You can listen via the embedded player below, or visit the podcast’s page on for links to the episode on all the popular podcast platforms.

Sarah Outen (#2) – London to London Via the World Self Propelled

This second of a two part interview with Sarah Outen tells the story of her astounding four year journey around the globe from London to London.  Sarah tells us about adapting as plans change, the art of control (and not having it), and how the idea for journeying on land was brewed in the middle of the ocean. And there's a human side to Sarah's adventures too, including an unforeseen blossoming romance and the inspiring tale of Gao, who proves that planning is not an essential factor in embarking on a big challenge. Read more about Sarah's work on her website, and if you're on the Instagram she's worth a follow there, too > > > If you enjoy this podcast and would like to say thanks and support future episodes, you can buy me a coffee! Thank you all so much for your support!
  1. Sarah Outen (#2) – London to London Via the World
  2. Sarah Outen (#1) – Rowing Across the Indian Ocean
  3. Laura Kennington – An Adventure Athlete who has paddled, pedalled and swum her way to a new career
  4. Justin Jones – Crossing the Ditch, Antarctica, the Australian Outback and the Chasm between Solo and Family Adventuring
  5. Anna McNuff – Why Paper Clips Help When Writing Adventure Books, Creating Work That Has a Positive Impact & Dealing With Online Trolls – Otherwise Known as Dream Dumpers

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