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New Interview Now Live On The Self-Propelled Podcast

I very much enjoyed chatting with Dave Cornthwaite a couple of weeks ago while recording a new episode for his Self Propelled Podcast.

We travelled a meandering path of conversation on the theme of living life on one’s own terms, from my early bicycle-mounted adventures, to finding creative expression through books and films, to sharing lessons in life and travel with others looking to expand their horizons, and finally the Transcaucasian Trail project that has consumed my existence for the last half-decade.

You can listen via the embedded player below, or visit the podcast’s page on for links to the episode on all the popular podcast platforms.

The Long Distance Kayaker and Cyclist Who Also Managed the Ghanaian Winter Olympic Ski Team Self Propelled

Richard Harpham is an expedition kayaker with thousands of miles of paddling and skiing adventures under his belt. He runs Canoe Trail, which offers nature-filled canoe, kayak and SUP experiences in the English countryside, and after London 2012 he co-founded Inspired Life inspired project which has so far engaged over 35,000 young people  And to add to the variety, Richard also managed the Ghanaian Ski Team at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Richard has a personal website as well as one for Canoe Trail, and you can also follow @CanoeTrails on Instagram and Facebook
  1. The Long Distance Kayaker and Cyclist Who Also Managed the Ghanaian Winter Olympic Ski Team
  2. The Climber and Ultimate Beastmaster Contestant With a Passion For Mathematics
  3. How a Long Distance Cyclist Ended Up Building a Walking Trail
  4. Steve Backshall on the Wonders of Fatherhood, Building An Adventurous Career and the Ups and Downs of Celebrity
  5. Exploring the Magical World of Human Design

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