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We Did It! (Community Action 1, Mass Media 0!)

I’m up early this morning to begin working in earnest on two new film projects… which have just been successfully funded on Kickstarter!

At the close of play last night, we’d raised the astonishing total of £26,329 – over 110% of our goal – to do this project properly. And that’s all thanks to the community who’ve rallied around these unusual yet (we think) important stories that Leon and I are now able to tell in full.

No fewer than 662 backers got involved in funding the project. That’s a real encouragement to both of us that there are people out there who value what we’re trying to do. Thank you!

I’m blown away – before the weekend it really wasn’t looking good, and I was seriously weighing up my options for what else to do this spring (walking the length of Armenia being my top choice).

I also owe an enormous debt of gratitude to my friends in London who have variously hosted, entertained and tolerated me and my assorted collection of bags and bicycles over the month it’s taken to get to this point. I’ve asked a lot of favours from you, which hasn’t always been easy, so this is another big and very heartfelt thank you. You’ve been instrumental in making this happen, and I hope you’ll agree it’s been worth it!

I’m off right now to move into a converted factory unit I’ve found in East London, which will be my home for the next month. It’s unorthodox, but it’s a roof and four walls – and it’ll be a welcome change from tramping and couchsurfing, which has been a pretty mixed experience. Creativity benefits from some semblance of stability, and this feels like the right set of compromises to make right now.

I’ve no idea where I’ll be living for the month of May, still, but the weather should be much nicer for camping by then!

Onwards with the film projects. We won’t let you down!


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